Oferecer soluções inovadoras e integradas
para morar, trabalhar e construir.


Ser uma empresa global, competitiva e sólida que atue de forma abrangente nos
segmentos residencial premium, corporativo e naval, através de um portfólio de produtos
e serviços de qualidade, representado por marcas fortes, com características e propostas

Social Responsibility

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Grupo SCA invests in education and training to update its employees and connect them to the market and sector they work in. Occupational safety always gets special attention at the company, which develops practices so that its employees work in a healthy environment.

Adopting a modern environmental management system, the concern for the environment and sustainability are among the company’s priorities. The support for charitable companies, NGOs and sports bodies is the collaboration given by SCA Grupo to society, the third sector and the common welfare.

Certifications and Integrated Policy

Having ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications, S.C.A. combines quality products and design with respect for the environment and life quality.

S.C.A. is committed to acting comprehensively in the premium residential, corporate and naval segments by offering innovative and integrated solutions to live, work and build through a portfolio of quality products and services, seeking to be profitable to guarantee the sustainability, evolution and continuity of the business.

Through the Integrated Management System, continuously improve its performance and processes, meeting the requirements of its stakeholders and meeting applicable legal requirements. Use rationally natural resources, protect the environment, prevent the occurrence of environmental impacts and eliminate or reduce the risks of occupational injuries and diseases arising from their activities, products and services.

S.C.A. Green

All wood used by S.C.A. comes from managed reserves, certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) , the most recognized green seal in the world.